Gerhi Feuren

Writing Expeditious Fiction

All on my own just me, myself and I go on expeditions to hunt elusive stories of blue shapes and round colours. What I can catch I write down with trepidation and expediency; and then release them newly formed back into the wild to roam free again.

More About this Gerhi Feuren who writes stuff

Gerhi Feuren’s writings has appeared in many bestseller books (scribbled in the margins) and on famous websites (in the comment sections). When he is not defacing library property or surfing the internet, Gerhi writes stories. Occasionally he also paints pictures of stuff. One day soon he will finish a novel.

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Such as Short Stories

Gerhi Feuren’s writes stories. Sometimes the stories come out a bit wonky. Some are short, some are deep, and some are free.

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